How to Stay Motivated in a World Full of Sprinkle Donuts

So I’ve been at this weight-loss journey for almost a year now and I’ve only lost 35lbs.  It’s  hard to think about it that way, because it forces me to come to the harsh reality that I’m not where I could be.  Had I really forced myself to stick to my plan I could have probably already hit my 55lb goal, plus some.

Motivation is the absolute hardest part about losing weight or getting fit and it’s also the most important part.  Some people say your eating habits or your workouts outweigh everything else, but that’s very wrong.  Without motivation, you’re going to fail on both sides of the spectrum.

At the beginning of my journey  I worked with Janelle (my personal trainer), and therefore the motivation was always there.  I would have check-ins every week and she was going to be able to tell if I was slacking off.  After those three months working with Janelle, though, my motivation went from “YES GIRL.  GET IT.  YOU IS STRONG.  YOU IS POWERFUL.  YOU IS GONNA KILL IT.” to “Screw the gym, I need a burrito.”  It was always fluctuating.

As much as I wish I had the power to say no to everything and stick to my goal 100%, I just don’t.

And that is okay.

Yes, I would be so much farther along had I said no to all the greasy pizza and the whiskey cokes, but I don’t want to give it all up.  I personally would rather be losing weight slow and steady than be missing out on things that I enjoy.  As long as I’m still going to the gym (for the most part) and eating healthy (for the most part) then I’m going to keep progressing.  There is nothing wrong with focusing on enjoying yourself occasionally, as long as you don’t let it derail your entire journey.  However, you have to remember that you’re doing this for a reason, whatever that reason may be, and at some point you thought that reason outweighed everything else.  You have to remind yourself why you started and get back on track.

There is no trick to having motivation 100% of the time.  Even professional athletes take time off.  It’s what you do when you get back that really matters.  So next time you want a sprinkle donut, go ahead.  Don’t deny yourself a sprinkle donut; but make sure it’s just one and then get your ass to the gym for a killer workout.



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