How Social Media is Slowly Ruining our Fitness and Health

As most of you know, I’m a very busy college girl.  I’m hoping that soon that won’t be the case, because I’m graduating within the next year.  However, that’s never an excuse to not be as healthy as I can be.  And I’m not saying that I don’t use it as an excuse sometimes (I say as I take a large sip, borderline chug, of my Octorock Hard Cider).  I’m just acknowledging that it’s some bullshit.

Let’s be honest here, I have spent a lot of time not prioritizing my health lately.  Other things have taken top spots on things that I find to be most important: grades (actually important), attractive guys (probably not so important), work (actually important), sleep (important to an extent ie stop sleeping for twelve hours, RanDee), binge watching Netflix (definitely not so important), and writing (very important considering it’s what I want to do with my entire life) have all influenced my lack of prioritizing fitness and health lately.  Don’t judge me with those judgy eyes.

We both know that you’ve done it too . . . hypocrite.

The thing is, my dear readers, that if you don’t prioritize your goals then slowly your motivation to meal prep or to go to the gym will fall off the grid.  You have got to remember why you started, because it’s incredibly important.  At one point or another, this goal was the most important goal you had and there was a very clear reason for that.  For some reason or another, your goal was important.  You can’t let anything or anyone deter you from that.

Recently, I’ve been taking note of how much time I spend scrolling through Facebook and Instagram and it’s actually disgusting.  The other day, I was at the gym sitting on my mat scrolling through Facebook.  I wasn’t even working out.  At that point why even go to the gym?

In order to succeed, your fitness and health needs to be (at least) top five in your life.  Binge watching Stranger Things season two should not be a real priority.  I’m serious.  Put the remote down.

Put the remote down, put your cell phone down, close your laptop.  Unplug.

I spend an absurd amount of time on social media, and I realize that maybe if I wasn’t on these sites and apps so much that maybe I would be able to prioritize more important things.  Maybe if I wasn’t worried about catching up on Shameless, not only would I be more healthy and fit, but I would probably also be a little more knowledgeable about the world around me.  We get so sucked up in these things and watching other people live that we don’t actually remember to live our own lives.

I think that a huge part of having social media is so that other people believe that our lives are not dull and boring, but our reliance on social media is what is starting to be the reason for our lives being dull and boring.  We don’t go out as much, we don’t see friends in person as much, we don’t explore new places as much; other people do these things for us.  It’s time to stop letting your friends live for you.

I’m challenging you today to be conscious of how much time you actually spend on social media.  You might actually be surprised by it.  Then, tomorrow, take that same amount of time and do something productive.  Uncomplicate yourself.  Live a life that’s full of genuine interaction.  I know I will.

Tah-tah for now my dears, I’m off to better myself. 😉



P.C. – William Iven

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