(In My Opinion) POPFit Clothing

So as a college student I’m always looking for really good athletic apparel online that won’t break the bank. As much as I love Lululemon, sometimes I simply can’t rationalize spending $100 on a pair of leggings – no matter how buttery soft they may be.

I was playing through all my friends snap stories and, because of the update, Snap now has advertising. One of the advertisements that popped up was for POPFit. They were advertising a free pair of leggings, you just had to pay shipping! And like damn, who am I to turn down free stuff without even looking into it, right?

I went to their website and found out that if you signed up for a monthly subscription you got TWO pairs of free leggings and if you cancelled the subscription after, you got to keep said free leggings.

Let me tell you something guys. I was SO skeptical about these leggings. I figured they would be cheaply made and I likely would just wear them around the house. But for $9.99 spent on shipping and handling, that’s still a hella good deal.

After picking two cute pairs, I place my order and then decide to look at the reviews. They were horrible; completely hating on this company. Complaints about cheap materials, messed up seams, and sizing that was drastically off really had me worried about these leggings.

About a week later I get the leggings in the mail, and they’re packaged relatively well. I also have a subscription to Fabletics and they are packaged similarly. So I rip these babies open and take a look at the pants and am pleasantly surprised. Seams look fine, the size looks right, and they’re pretty cute to boot. The only thing I did notice right away was that I wasn’t sure if they would pass the squat test.

For those of you who workout, I’m sure that you know what the squat test is. It’s when you squat in leggings to see if they’re see-through. Cheaply made leggings often have this issue. So I slipped the leggings on, found myself a mirror, and awkwardly did a few squats while checking out the booty. Although these leggings do feel pretty thin, I didn’t have any issue with them being see-through and I’ve got quite the booty (just sayin’).

Overall I’m pretty happy with POPFit. They are really reasonably priced at $20-25 regularly and they’re cute AF. The nice thing about getting the subscription is that every month they send you an item out of your wish list, so you get to pick what you want. They also have incentives to stay subscribed. For example, after having the subscription for two months, you get a free accessory! In a full year you get an accessory, a bonus VIP gift, and 3 pairs of leggings. Following that first year, you get a free accessory every month for being a “Diamond Member.”

I’m not sure what the accessories are like because I only ordered my two free leggings, but if you’d like a review let me know in the comments! Pictures of the leggings are below!

As always, love ya tons,


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